‘Son of a Gun’- Brendan Losch

I think we’ve been over the fact that handclaps are the bacon of music before, have we not? Not that there’s much to discuss- the fact one of the best mixes ever created uses only tunes that involve clapping and stomping makes the bulletproof case for me. Anyways, handclaps make everything better by at least tenfold. Not that ‘Son of a Gun’ by Brendan Losch needed any help getting better, I’m just saying the copious amounts of handclaps really help take an already catchy song to the next level. Those sweet, breezy harmonies and dancing guitar lines (I checked…no banjo is listed…but that has to be a banjo, right?) ain’t so bad either. What I’m trying to say is that when I add it all up this is one of the best songs I’ve heard lately. Also, I’m hungry.

Brendan Losch just released his latest (very good and entirely enjoyable) full length album, Low. You can check it out/listen to it/buy it over at his Bandcamp page, where you can also download ‘Son of a Gun’ free of charge. Enjoy.

(h/t to Rollo & Grady for the intro to this tune)

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1 Response to ‘Son of a Gun’- Brendan Losch

  1. the edgar says:

    “Hand claps are the bacon of music” – you are my hero

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