‘Fergus Falls’- Field Report

Over the last week or so it seems the only thing anyone wants to talk about in the parts of the music blogosphere I frequent is Field Report, the latest band to form out of the breakup of DeYarmond Edison (Megafaun and Bon Iver are the other two groups. You may have heard of them.). It’s with good reason that everyone is enamored. The music that Chris Porterfield and his band create is warm, gorgeous and contemplative, the kind meant for cool spring mornings and backyard bonfires during the summer. It’s the kind of music that’s meant to be listened to, not just consumed. It’s the kind of music I never tire of.

Field Report will be releasing their debut album July. Until then you can find the two songs they’ve made available, ‘Fergus Falls’ (the song I’ve been stuck on the last few days) and ‘I’m Not Waiting Anymore,’ below. As you can see, there’s a lot of promise in these 8 and a half or so combined minutes of music. Enjoy.

‘Fergus Falls’

‘I’m Not Waiting Anymore’


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