‘Gold’- Wake Owl

I’m going to be blunt about this (because this is about the 7th time I’ve tried to write this and I’m tired and fancy/big words aren’t working for me today): ‘Gold’ by Wake Owl is a monster of a song. It’s a song you’ll love the first time through and love even more the 30th. Everything, from the smoky, raspy verses, to the bridges that build with perfect intensity, to the soaring, triumphant choruses, works. It is, quite simply, a great song.

Wake Owl is giving away the Wild Country EP, their debut release on which you can find ‘Gold.’ It goes without saying, but you’ll want to take them up on their generous offer. Enjoy.


Thanks, Tim

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One Response to ‘Gold’- Wake Owl

  1. Helen says:

    Tim’s got good taste

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