hope is January white- a mix

It has been one of the weirdest winters I’ve ever seen, alternating between spring-like temperatures and bone chilling cold on about a weekly basis but never once producing anything of consequence as far as snow. Today, finally, we are getting a measurable amount of the white stuff and so I have made a soundtrack for the occasion titled hope is January white. Have a listen and/or download it to take with you below. And if you’re looking for more tunes to soundtrack the snow/weird winter, head over to New Music Collaborative for their The Winter That Isn’t mix and give a listen to my friend Mundi’s mix The Falling Snow on 8tracks. Enjoy.

(stream/listen via the embeded player or click here to go to the mix on 8tracks)


1. Complimenting Parts- Campfire OK
2. St. Helens- Joel P. West
3. A Promise- Warm Weather
4. Wild Like You (from The Round 70)- Lemolo (with Joshua Morrison, Ben Fisher, Daemond Arrindell)
5. Weak Bones- Jonas David
6. Wapusk- Kathleen Edwards
7. Put On, Cologne- Donovan Woods
8. And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop- James Vincent McMorrow
9. What Do You Want With My Heart? (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- These United States
10. Hello My Old Heart- The Oh Hello’s
11. Crimes (Blood Brothers cover)- Colossal Gospel
12. Damn Allegheny- Big Snow Big Thaw
13. Winter- Big Scary
14. Beach (recorded for hauskonzert.com)- Deep Sea Diver
15. Civilian (recorded for Berlin Sessions)- Wye Oak
16. Glory (Fuel/Friends Chapel Session)- Bryan John Appleby
17. Thunderbird- Ben Fisher
18. Goodnight Moon (demo)- Kevin Long
19. If I’ve Been Fooled- The Weather Station
20. Poor Man’s Son (from Cathedrals 1)- The Gundersen Family


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2 Responses to hope is January white- a mix

  1. Great mix, I really liked “Put on, Cologne” by Donavan Woods.

  2. adamso2 says:

    This is a wonderful playlist! Just what I needed.

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