My Favorite Songs of 2011

Below are the songs I’ve liked best/ listened to the most this past year in some kind of weird order that I’m still not all that sure about. Your list is probably far different and full of things I don’t particularly care for (and mine full of stuff you don’t think is good), and that’s the beauty of music- it’s a personal experience that doesn’t require mass agreement. These are songs that were released on records/as singles in America during 2011- that disclaimer feels weird, but to avoid questions there it is. Enjoy.

50. ‘About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help At All’- Dan Mangan

49. ‘Lament’- Mount Moriah

48. ‘Into the River’- Portage

47. ‘The Golden Age and The Silver Girl’- Tyler Lyle

46. ‘Good Night’- The Rural Alberta Advantage

45. ‘Yer Spring’- Hey Rosetta!

44. ‘Dark Star’- Youth Rescue Mission

43. ‘Bilgewater’- Brown Bird

42. ‘Untitled No. 3’- Sayde Price

41. ‘Honey Jars’- Bryan John Appleby

40. ‘Cold Feet’- Lost Lander

39. ‘Wildfire’- Grand Hallway

38. ‘Medicine’- Daughter

37. ‘Bury Your Burdens In The Ground’- William Elliott Whitmore

36. ‘You Know What I Mean’- Cults

35. ‘Weather of a Killing Kind’- The Tallest Man on Earth

34. ‘Morning Thought’- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

33. ‘Fires In The Backyard’- New Animal

32. ‘Hope You Know’- Megafaun

31. ‘Vagabond’- Beirut

30. ‘Helplessness Blues’- Fleet Foxes

29. ‘Baby Missiles’- War On Drugs

28. ‘I’m Not Leaving’- Big Sur

27. ‘Clementine (Alternate Version)’- Sarah Jaffe

26. ‘Civilian’- Wye Oak

25. ‘Deep Cuts’- Cataldo

24. ‘Summer Home’- Typhoon

23. ‘Glowing Mouth’- Milagres

22. ‘Eagle’s Nest’- Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps

21. ‘I Swear’- Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

20. ‘Beggar In the Morning’- The Barr Brothers

19. ‘I Don’t Want Love’- The Antlers

18. ‘Wore It Deep’- The Tree Ring

17. ‘No Nostalgia’- AgesandAges

16. ‘Dreamboat’- Saskatchewan

15. ‘Grown Ocean (Maida Vale Session)’- Fleet Foxes

14. ‘Dig Down Deep’- Vandaveer

13. ‘Rivers and Roads’- The Head and The Heart

12. ‘Dirty Rain’- Ryan Adams

11. ‘When I Say That I Love You…’- Tyler Lyle

10. ‘New York’- Blind Pilot

9. ‘Boys’- Bryan John Appleby

8. ‘I Found You’- Alabama Shakes

7. ‘1957’- Milo Greene

6. ‘If I Had A Boat’- James Vincent McMorrow

5. ‘California Sunrise’- Dirty Gold

4. ‘We Will All Be Changed’- Seryn

3. ‘Gone In Love’- Kelli Schaefer

2. ‘Blackout’- Pickwick

1. ‘The Honest Truth’- Typhoon

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4 Responses to My Favorite Songs of 2011

  1. wordsurfer says:

    I totally love the choice of songs, although that must have been a heart-wrenching exercise for you. I’m not really sure about the order however… Well, apparently, you aren’t either, so it’s alright.
    Anyway, I could never ever do a similar list, because it’s just too hard and I have not got the courage for it. So: well done! 🙂

  2. Owen says:

    Really enjoying your list. If I were to do the same (and I’m kind of challenging myself to make a list), we would certainly have some similar songs.

    Have you heard Little Talks by Of Monsters & Men? I think it’s up your alley. I know KEXP had it as their song of the day not too long ago.

  3. That’s a killer list right there. Lots of overlap, my friend. Thanks for creating the best playlist of my year!

  4. Eeyore says:

    Pretty decent list, tough to argue with number one. I will say I think “Just One” is the best song off the We Are The Tide album.

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