My Favorite Albums and EPs of 2011

There were, quite obviously, a lot of really great albums and EPs released this year. Below are the 10 albums and 5 EPs I liked best and listened to the most during this past year, the ones most involved in soundtracking my life. Enjoy.

Everyone’s lists are different, so what’s on yours?

10. Early In the Morning– James Vincent McMorrow (Spotify, Amazon)

9. The Rip Tide– Beirut (Spotify, Amazon)

8. Generous Shadows– The Tree Ring (Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon)

7. Helplessness Blues– Fleet Foxes (Spotify, Amazon)

6. This Is Where We Are– Seryn (Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon)

5. Prison Boxing– Cataldo (Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon)

4. Departing– The Rural Alberta Advantage (Spotify, Amazon)

3. The Golden Age and The Silver Girl– Tyler Lyle (Bandcamp)

2. Ghost of the Beast– Kelli Schaefer (Bandcamp, Amazon)

1. Fire on the Vine– Bryan John Appleby (Bandcamp, Spotify)

5. The Wild Youth– Daughter (Bandcamp)

4. The Hello Sessions– Milo Greene (Bandcamp)

3. A New Kind of House– Typhoon (Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon)

2. Myths– Pickwick (Bandcamp, Buy)

1. Alabama Shakes– Alabama Shakes (Bandcamp)

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2 Responses to My Favorite Albums and EPs of 2011

  1. B.G. says:

    Great year-end list…I agree with your picks more than many lists I’ve seen thus far.

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