‘Common Sentiments’- Typhoon

I’ve written a few times about Typhoon before, becoming pretty enamored with them after running across their music for the first time after SXSW, a feeling only strengthened after seeing them at Lollapalooza. As with most bands I obsess about, I have devoured their back catalog and have been (impatiently) waiting for new material from them, especially after hearing a few new tunes during that Lollaplooza performance. Daytrotter has stepped in today to help, posting Typhoon’s debut session, which contains two new, fantastic songs: ‘Common Sentiments’ and ‘Green.’ I’ve played ‘Common Sentiment’ a socially unacceptable number of times today, loving the joyful feeling/dark subject matter juxtaposition that make Typhoon’s songs so great. Looks like the best is yet to come for this huge conglomerate.

Make sure to head over to Daytrotter to download the session (it’s free, you have no reason not to). Then, after that gets you in a tizzy, head on over to their Bandcamp page to take a listen to/purchase their back catalog. You’re in for a treat if you haven’t heard of them before. Enjoy.

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