fall2011- A mix

Fall is my favorite time of year and it’s my favorite seasonal mix to make. There’s something about the turning of the trees and the slow dip of the temps that seems far more engrossing and exciting than what the other seasons bring. Also, the season brings with it pumpkin pie and turkey. It is awesome on about every level. The soundtrack I’ve made for autumn follows the season, starting off holding on to summer and then beginning it’s slow march towards the brutal winter. Enjoy.

zip of fall2011

1. Dig Down Deep- Vandaveer. When I wrote about this song before I said that it was one of those songs just made to be the first song on an album. I still think that.
2. Vagabond- Beirut. There may be no more perfect autumn line on this mix than when Zach Condon sings ‘And as the air grows cold/The trees unfold.’
3. No Nostalgia- Agesandages. A song that will forever make me think of taking a ride through the country during the golden hour.
4. Blackout- Pickwick. My absolute JAM during the last part of the summer. Here it’s that last gasp of hot, humid summer.
5. On Again, Off Again- Lemolo. Fall seems to be a season that’s here, then it’s not, then it’s here again. Also, this song is super great and I can’t wait to hear a full album from Lemolo.
6. Silent Way- Milo Greene. An absolutely beautiful song made to be listened to while wrapped up in blankets on a cool fall morning.
7. Wild Goose- Josh Ritter. A song that just feels right for this mix.
8. Wore it Deep- The Tree Ring. One of my favorite songs I’ve heard lately. I think the sweeping strings and soaring voice of Joel P. West sound perfect for autumn.
9. I’m Not Leaving- Big Sur. As my friend Kelsey said when I had her listen to this, this song smacks you in the face in the best way possible. It’s just a stunning, beautiful song.
10. To The North- Matthew & The Atlas. There is something about Matthew & the Atlas you can’t help but love. Perhaps it’s the joy the play with. Perhaps it’s Matthew Hegarty’s voice. Perhaps it’s the banjo. Whatever it is, they are great.
11. Ghost Train (live)- Typhoon. A stripped down version of the song that was recorded with all dozen or so members of Typhoon in the middle of some dark woods with the melody played on a little toy piano.
12. Fog on the Glass- Cataldo. An anxious song for that mad rush to get to work on time after you can’t get out of bed cause it’s too damn cold.
13. Eagle’s Nest- Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps. A truly haunting song. Caroline Smith has a voice that needs to be heard.
14. Home- Kelli Schaefer. Still one of the more fantastically interesting songs I’ve heard this year. Kelli Schaefer’s voice is powerful on its own and the multitude of layers only amplifies that.
15. Northern Lights- The Bowerbirds. It took me a few years to finally listen to this song, but it’s one of the most honest and realistic love songs I’ve heard.
16. When I Say That I Love You…-Tyler Lyle. A heartbreaking and beautiful song from an unexpectedly fantastic album.
17. Skeletons- Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. A catchy song about skeletons has to be on the fall mix, right? Has to.
18. Dark Star- Youth Rescue Mission. That slow build. That soaring chorus. Those golden harmonies. They all seem made for fall.
19. Honey Jars- Bryan John Appleby. One of the saddest songs I’ve heard this year, but also one of my favorites. Appleby is one of the strongest young songwriters coming out of Seattle.
20. Josh McBride- The Head & The Heart. I have a personal connection with this song that I won’t bore you with. I’ll just say it’s just one of those songs that punches me in the gut each time I hear it.
21. New York- Blind Pilot. There was no other way I could end this mix. That harmonium still gets me each time.

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4 Responses to fall2011- A mix

  1. Owen says:

    really like the way this mix starts out. first 7 or so songs just fit perfectly.

  2. Owen says:

    probably listened through 4-5 times. very good stuff.

  3. what an ending song. YES. yes.

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