‘The Words of the Revelator’- Bryan John Appleby

This weekend I’m spending copious amounts of time with my wife and my family enjoying life in general and getting a nice little recharge after what seemed like for everyone was an impossibly long and awful week. It’s been great just hanging out and laughing and getting to spend time being a family in a way you don’t get to often after everyone gets married and moves away from the house you grew up in. This morning my dad put on Bryan John Appleby‘s Fire on the Vine as we were all having our morning coffee and starting to figure out how we would spend our day. It’s one of my favorite albums released this year and as one would expect it had sounded absolutely wonderful in that setting.

‘The Words of the Revelator’ has been stuck in my head since, with that defiant line of ‘And I said you/ You will not dig a hole in me/ You will not chop down my tree/ Or hold me under the water’ on repeat in my mind. On an album full of stunning lines and moments, this is one of my favorites. Enjoy.

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