summer2011: The Dog Days – A mix

It’s amazing what happens when the heat and boredom take over. Today I got the idea that I should probably put together one last mix for summer, being that I had a ton of tunes that just felt like summer but weren’t on either of my previous summer mixes. So here it is. This is one for the really hot days, when summer just never feels like it’s going to end. Enjoy.

(click on the picture to go to the mix)

1. Blackout- Pickwick. As Heather over at Fuel/Friends said, this is the perfect song for watching the heat ripple off the pavement.
2. Let’s Fall Asleep Together- Teen Daze. Nothing like love in the summertime. Or lo-fi retro pop.
3. Sophia in Gold- Letting Up Despite Great Faults. The pulsating bass line beats on you like a mid day summer sun.
4. Baby Missiles- The War on Drugs. Feels like a song that The Boss and The Arcade Fire could have gotten together to record, meaning it sounds like summer.
5. Dear Sister- Team Me. We all fell in love with the summer state of mind. Then it got hot.
6. Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club. There’s something about that disorienting piano part that just feels spot on for a hot summer day.
7. Trojans- Atlas Genius. One of the more fun and catchy songs I’ve run into this summer. Sounds like a perfect pool party song.
8. Most Wanted- Cults. More retro feeling pop that I love. Kinda of like a sad bastard version of doo-wop.
9. On the Water- Chelan. This sounds a bit like Stars, and I always thought Stars sounded like the perfect kind of stuff for a hot afternoon.
10. Midnight City- M83. HOLY SYNTHS. I tried not to like this song… but it’s so damn catchy.
11. All Night- Y Luv. Again, HOLY SYNTHS. And bass. Pool party song for sure.
12. If You Wanna- The Vaccines. Snotty and sweaty sounding. Seems pretty much made for a drive after the AC has gone out in your car.
13. Modern Normal- Memoryhouse. The kind of song that plays when you’ve been out in the sun for too long and everything starts to slow down.
14. The Wilhelm Scream- James Blake. The kind of tune that plays when you have heat stroke (go back inside idiot).
15. Open Air- Lemolo. Like an ice cold glass of lemonade at 3pm by the pool.
16. The Problem With Your Daughter- Lord Huron. A sort of sick summer love break. Sometimes summer love turns this way.
17. The Sun- Portugal. The Man. Like a long lost 60s jam, just made for summer. Also, it’s called ‘The Sun.’ Can’t not include that.
18. Young Hollywood- More Amor. Again, just don’t fight it. Go along with it. It’s alright to like it.
19. Stay Away- Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band. Charles Bradley is a mean cat, especially when he’s flipping a Nirvana tune all funky.
20. Through the Front Door- Vetiver. Eventually we have to come in from the outside and just chill the hell out. This is a song for that.
21. T For Texas- The Head and The Heart. There’s something about summer that makes me think it’s okay if a hoe down suddenly broke out. It just did.
22. Tumbleweed- Scarlet Tanager. Just seems like the type of song that would be exceptionally pleasant at the end of a hot day. And it’s damn catchy.

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