‘Dear Sister’- Team Me

Today I found a song that would have been perfect for my summer mix. Unfortunately that’s kinda a closed thing at this point, what with all the arts and crafts going on in my place putting them together and getting ready to mail them to my friends. This happens pretty much every single season. I always manage to run across a really great song the minute I have committed to a tracklist. Which is fine. The song in question is ‘Dear Sister’ by Team Me, and I need to thank The Wounded Jukebox for the seasonal reminder I’m not as up on the kids’ music as I think I am.

Not really sure I have a much better description for this other than it’s a really fun track. The best I can do for a sound reference is if Sufjan Stevens (circa Illinois) sang with Freelance Whales. Seems a bit far fetched, perhaps, but I think it’s in the ballpark of the sound, and it’s just as much of a joyful sounding experience as one would expect. Lots of beautiful tempo changes and harmonies as well- it manages to do a lot of different things, seemingly all at once, without ever feeling cluttered.

The Norwegian band is currently working on their debut, though they do have an EP that’s out but doesn’t look to be available in The States (bummer). Ah well, enjoy this song and then add it to your playlists- I know I will be. Enjoy.

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