‘Postcard from 1952’- Explosions in the Sky

I’m not sure words are going to work for today’s song, partly due to the fact that there are no words in the song, and partly because I’ve now started and deleted this writeup about 5 times. Explosions in the Sky released Take Care, Take Care, Take Care earlier this week, and it is superb. As one review I read last week said, these are wordless pop songs, throwing in the loud/soft dynamics and stretching the songs out into the 10 minute range on a regular basis. It’s amazing to me how this band, seemingly so far removed from the mainstream due to being entirely instrumental rock, can so fantastically use pop structure in each song. ‘Postcard from 1952’ is my favorite song off the new album, with its quiet beginning building into a bursting pop song over its 7 minutes. I always pick something up different each time I listen to Explosions in the Sky, even the songs I love and have heard a million times, but each time I listen I am just blown away at how good they are. There’s a lot to love in their back catalog, so make sure you check that out. And make sure to run to Best Buy and purchase Take Care, Take Care, Take Care this week, because it’s on sale and it’ll be the best $7.99 you’ll spend this weekend.

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