‘Home’- Kelli Schaefer

This song is just so damn interesting. Using just layered vocals (okay…a little bass too, but not much), ‘Home’ by Kelli Schaefer constructs something magnificent and affecting. While ‘Gone in Love’ is my favorite track of hers, I seem to always get stuck on this song when listening to her album recently. It will finish and I will inevitably hit the back button to listen to it again. The combination of sounds being created, all brought home in the final minute by Kelli’s powerful, soaring voice, is completely enthralling to me.

Go buy Ghost of the Beast as soon as possible- it’s one of the strongest albums I’ve heard this year, with Schaefer showing herself as one of best young songwriters out there. It’s a diverse album that will take multiple listens to fully appreciate, but believe me, it’s worth your attention.

Also, make sure to stop over to Fuel/Friends, as they recently posted another Chapel Session, this time with Kelli Schaefer. I have yet to hear see her live (fingers crossed for her being one of the acts at Doe Bay Fest), but from what I’m told she is altogether captivating, and I think that shines through in the two songs she performs (and you can download for free) there.

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