‘Let The Great World Spin’ / ‘Our Love Will’- Ryan Tanner

There’s not a lot that I can say about Ryan Tanner’s exceptional new album, Together Is Where We Belong, that you can’t hear for yourself once you hit play. It’s an album made for these days when the golden hours are longest, its sadly sweet country songs sounding timeless and beautiful, full of gorgeous harmonies, sliding guitars and deept truths and honesty. One of the finest records released this year, this one, and below are my two favorite songs. Go buy the whole thing over on Bandcamp- it’s worth every penny. Enjoy.

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‘Wings’- Field Report

You should be very, very excited about the forthcoming album from Field Report. Very. Marigolden finds the band confidently taking chances and expanding their sound (as you can hear on lead single ‘Wings’) behind frontman Chris Porterfield, who continues to show he’s one of the best and most evocative lyricists going today (and he’s only getting better). Mark your calendars for October 7th- that’s when one of the finest albums of the year comes out. Enjoy.


Bonus: Here’s a live take of another song (one of my favorites, actually) from the album, ‘Pale Rider.’

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Monday Links

On Twitter and Facebook I share links each day to various stuff that I think is great and/or worth people’s time. But not everyone that comes here is on Twitter or Facebook, so I gather up the best of those links each Monday and post them here so everyone can get in on the fun. If you’ve missed any of the past Monday Links (or just want to waste some time), check the archive of posts here.

You should really head over to NPR and stream the tremendous new album from Slow Club.

The video from Bear’s Den for ‘Elysium’ is pretty terrific on its own, but the story behind it makes it one of the more powerful videos I’ve seen this year.

Arkells laying down an acoustic rendition of one of my favorite songs of 2014 (‘Come To Light’)? Yes, please.

Always nice when one of your favorite videomakers finds an old video they shot of one of your favorite artists.

PHOX only knows how to do stunning, lovely things.

Thing that is great: Houndmouth covering ‘Northeast Texas Women.’

I’m not at all sure what the hell is going on in this new video from Bahamas, but I do know that I love the song.

No big deal, just Chet Faker covering ‘(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good.’

Watching this beautifully shot video of Typhoon show from last fall is probably the best thing you can do with the next hour of your life. Enjoy.

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a few for the weekend



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‘Gold Silver Diamond’- Generationals

Open the windows (or, better yet, leave them closed and turn up the AC), turn up the volume, put on your dancing shoes and hit play- it’s Friday and there’s a new, tremendously catchy tune from Generationals that deserves your attention. Don’t stop, get it get it. Enjoy.

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A sweetly wary, harmony-laden, slow-burning gem for your Thursday, courtesy of ESCAPISTS. Enjoy.

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‘Arcadia’- The Kite String Tangle

Three minutes and thirty-four seconds of perfect, heartbreaking summer pop for you today, courtesy of The Kite String Tangle. I’ve listened to this song an inappropriate amount over the last few weeks. Enjoy.

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